Sunday, January 9, 2011

My "First" Poem

I put quotes around the first, because in reality I had been writing for a few months when I penned this particular poem. This one, however, was the first poem I wrote that I actually thought was good.

It was May 1989. Three months prior, I had had my heart broken. I decided to try dealing with it by writing poetry about it. Looking at the relationship through 20 years of distance, I see now that the relationship wasn't much more than a paper fire. Back then, though I felt like someone had ripped an appendage from my body. Anyway, if nothing else, I'm thankful for that relationship if for nothing else than it got me in touch with a creativity I didn't know I had. Here it is:

"I love you, Dave" whispered the voice
But I turned to find no one there
I love you too, I have no choice
I've lost my heart somewhere

I see her face in a crowd
But it vanishes when I draw near
I can't have it' so I cry out loud
I lost my love right here

I see the person in a dream
But I wake when I touch her hand
I feel so hurt, I want to scream
I'm lost and I don't understand

I see the body walking around
But it's not the lady I once knew
I want to yell, but I don't make a sound
I've lost my reason to love you

"I love you, Dave" whispered the voice
But it was only an echo in my mind
I don't love you, I have a choice
The wound has healed with time

D. Heagney Jr 5/21/1989

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