Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fake Album Covers For My Made-Up Band!

In Tent City was our band's debut album. Our unique blending of Thrash Metal and Big Band captivated America. Within 6 months of its release, it was certified Platinum by the Fictional Recording Industry of America. We scored two hits on the Billboard Make-Believe Top 40: If This Tent's A Rockin', F&%k Off, I'm Busy! and Hawkeye Pierce: Swamp King.

Al Gore Rhythm is our most recent effort. The advance single, I Believe In Global Warming, went straight to #1! (Where, I'm not exactly sure!). This effort takes out signature sound, and adds influences of  Hawaiian folk music and Seattle Grunge Rock. This album also has our first ballad, I Should've Kept Your Heart In A Lockbox.

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