Sunday, March 13, 2011

Survivor: Redemption Island Episode 4: Pony Boy vs. Gollum

What can I say, in the battle of Good vs. Evil, Good triumphed! Russell comes into Redemption Island all piss and vinegar, but when Matt beats him in the duel, how does he go out? Crying like a little girl with a skinned knee. I try not to engage in schadenfreude, but for Russell I made an exception. To his credit, once his crying jag was over, he did his best to go out swinging. He ragged on his tribemates enough that Ralph tried to add insult to injury by telling Russell he found the idol. Bad move, Rooster! If it was just you and Russell, that would be fine. But you have Special Agent Phillip and Kristina from the other tribe there too, and you're giving away info they don't need to know.

This episode best exemplified what I've been saying about the difference between Russell's Game and Boston Rob's. Russell is a one-trick pony. Boston Rob changes up his game when appropriate. He's got a clue to the idol. He needs to get everyone out of camp so he can look for it. So, while Special Agent and Dead Meat are witnessing Russell's demise, Rob plans for a "beach day" complete with a made up game for all to play. Leading up to the excursion, he hints at his plumbing being backed up, and when they all head out to play, he conveniently gets a "bowel move" and runs off to "handle it". Fifteen minutes of furious searching rewards him with the idol. I tell you, I think Rob's gonna be in the final 3!

Last thought: Stephanie is a real bitch. the more she talks, the more she reminds me of Gina Kincaid form Beverly Hills 90210, almost to the point I think I will start calling her that. She is sore as hell about what happened to Russell, and she isn't about to let anyone forget about it. Worse, she doesn't let off with full fury and anger. Rather, she snipes and makes sarcastic quips about throwing the challenge. I think she's inherited that big red target Russell had on him.

BTW, I called Kristina Dead Meat, 'cause that's what she is: Omatepa voted her off, and she has to face Pony Boy on RI.

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